Settlement Agreements

Employee Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Whetstone

Locked in a dispute with your employer? Been offered a settlement agreement? Want to bring your employment to an end? Need some expert employment advice?

Whether you are a public or private sector worker, we can help you resolve your employment dispute and bring your employment to a clean break.

Carlsons Solicitors are experts in employment law, having supported thousands of employees with agreements from simple pre-agreed standard settlements to high value structured deals with complicated share options.

We provide efficient, cost effective employment law advice with a high standard of client care.

We can help you with:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Employment advice

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding document between an employer and employee to resolve an employment dispute or to bring an employment to a clear conclusion.

Such agreements bring to an end your right to make employment claims such as unfair dismissal or discrimination arising out of your employment or termination.

Once you have signed a settlement agreement, you will no longer be able to make an employment tribunal claim or sue your employer over an employment right once you have received a sum of money in return for agreeing not to bring a claim.

Settlement agreements were previously known as Compromise Agreements, since employers will sometimes offer a “compromise” or “settlement” when terminating an individual’s employment.

Settlement Agreement Benefits

A negotiated settlement agreement could be a good way for you to end your employment relationship. They can often work in your favour and secure you a good deal under the circumstances. For example, you may be offered a lump sum of money to waive your employment rights.

How can we help you?

We have supported all types of employees with settlement agreements in Whetstone and across London. Our specialist settlement agreement solicitors can negotiate on your behalf, aiming to secure a fair and reasonable deal that is in your best interest.

In particular, we can help:

  • Explain the meaning and effect of the agreement and advise you of any changes or amendments that need to be made.
  • Advise you on any claims that may arise on the termination of employment and what they might be worth or whether the sum offered is reasonable.
  • Reach a deal that is structured in a fair, reasonable and tax efficient manner.
  • Negotiate specific payment terms for the compensation offered to you under the agreement.
  • Ensure that your accrued pension rights are unaffected by the agreement.
  • Maintain your right to make a personal injury claim against the employer in the future.

We will discuss all the options available to you and can do much of our work remotely without needing to meet face to face.

Why you need a solicitor

Under the terms of a settlement agreement, you must seek specialist independent legal advice on the terms and effect of the agreement. Without an independent opinion, the agreement becomes invalid.

Our specialist settlement agreement solicitors will offer you expert independent advice on the best way to protect yourself from an unscrupulous employer who may be trying to remove your employment rights from you.

We will ensure that your rights are protected and that you fully understand and appreciate these rights before you sign them away.

Your rights include:

  • Contractual rights, as set out in your employment contract and which refer to your job title, holiday entitlement, salary, benefits and notice period.
  • Common law rights derived from the general law in respect of how you are treated by your employer and covers injury, negligence and defamation.
  • Statutory rights, derived from the UK statute, which refer to unfair dismissal, discrimination, maternity / paternity rights, minimum wage, statutory redundancy payment and unauthorised deductions from wages.

Legal Costs

The cost of advice under a settlement agreement will, in the majority of cases, be covered by your employer. This means that you personally may not have to pay anything for this advice.

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