Dispute Resolution Solicitors in London

Whether in business or in our personal lives, disputes can be labour-intensive, frustrating and upsetting. Sometimes the only way to resolve them is to take professional legal advice - and that’s where our specialist dispute resolution solicitors in London can help you.

Finding a solicitor who’s skilled in dispute resolution and who will shield you from the worst aspects of what might be an unpleasant situation is one of the keys to getting the outcome you want with the least possible stress.

While no-one wants to be involved in a dispute, whether it’s in business or as an individual, the fact is things can always take a turn for the worse when it comes to personal and professional relationships.

In business, there’s always a risk of things going wrong, while personal disagreements can easily escalate into something more serious. That goes as much for a possible claim professional negligence against your commercial insurer as it does for a dispute you may have with your neighbour over their planned extension.

The key, wherever possible, is always to get to a resolution that’s in your best interests as quickly as possible. At Carlsons we’re experts in commercial litigation, but we would always advocate resolution through mediation, negotiation or arbitration as a first objective.

Litigation in court can be expensive, but it’s not always necessary.

Whatever assistance you require, our specialist dispute resolution solicitors in London can offer expert advice backed by years of experience. We’ve dealt with all types of disagreements over many years, offering practical advice and support and peerless client care that won’t cost the earth.

It’s always better to avoid expensive litigation if possible. Carlsons are advocates of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), aiming to help you achieve the best and most economical outcome based on sensible, practical solutions.


Aside from avoiding the costs usually associated with going to court to resolve a dispute, there are very clear advantages in trying to resolve conflict in a more considered way.

Dispute resolution achieved through negotiation, arbitration or mediation will be much quicker than going through the courts, often producing an outcome within weeks rather than the months it can take for commercial litigation to go through the court.

A more collaborative approach also has a better chance of achieving a good outcome, because it puts the parties involved, rather than a court, in control. Because ADR is concerned with achieving a fair outcome, it isn’t focused on creating ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, meaning a satisfactory settlement is much more likely to be achieved.

Having a solicitor who advocates Alternative Dispute Resolution and is committed to achieving a fair outcome that is in your best financial interests also means the conflict will remain private. Issues dealt with in court are usually a matter of public record.

Often, the outcome of using ADR to resolve conflict will result in a binding legal agreement in which both parties give up the right to return to court over the same matter. This can have the advantage of offering a definitive end to the disagreement you’re involved in so that you and the other party can move on.


Although at Carlsons our specialist dispute resolution solicitors are committed to trying to achieve a remedy on your behalf without the need to go to court, there are some circumstances in which ADR may not be appropriate, just as there are occasions when the right outcome for you can’t be achieved out of court.

Although we work hard to avoid going to court, our dispute resolution solicitors are also experienced litigators and so you can have the confidence of knowing that whatever approach is required to achieve the best result for you, we are qualified to represent you.

We can advise businesses and individuals on:

  • Professional Negligence

  • Property Disputes

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes

  • Contract Disputes

  • Commercial Disputes & Litigation

  • Debt Recovery

  • Sale of goods

  • Partnership & shareholder disputes

  • Winding-Up and bankruptcy proceedings

  • Building disputes

  • Breach of Directors’ duties (Fiduciary duty claims)

  • Inadequate provision of services by tradesmen and professionals

  • Warranty claims

  • Insurance matters

  • Dilapidation claims

  • Possession proceedings

  • International legal disputes

  • Contested Probate

  • Neighbour disputes

  • Consumer disputes


We’ll explain your rights and options, assess the strength of your case and talk to you about the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.

If you’re involved in a conflict which you can’t resolve, our specialist dispute resolution service and experienced solicitors can help you to achieve the outcome you deserve.