Beyond the emotional upheaval there are all the practical things to consider - the finances, assets, child arrangements and the process of divorce or separation itself, among many others.

At such a difficult time, you need to know you have expert legal advice from a trusted solicitor to mitigate the pain of what is inevitably a distressing process. 

Carlsons Solicitors are specialist divorce lawyers in London, who can help you to make the right decisions to secure your personal and financial future.

We have experience of helping many people through the divorce and separation process and provide a friendly, efficient and affordable legal advice with a high standard of client care.


When a marriage ends, there’s a lot to consider. It’s a stressful and emotional time of significant upheaval and we understand you only reach this position after a great deal of thought.

Divorce is not without friction, even in the most amicable of situations, and it’s a time that calls for cool heads, pragmatism and diplomacy in order to ensure you get the outcome that’s in your best interests.

That’s why our divorce solicitors are highly experienced specialists who understand what’s needed to negotiate effectively with the legal team representing your spouse and work collaboratively to reach a settlement that serves your needs whilst avoiding the expense of going to court.

There are very few winners in a divorce where high running emotion is allowed to jeopardise the most realistic outcome, and in working with our highly successful divorce lawyers you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be striving to deliver a settlement that can be agreed by both sides.

Our sound legal advice backed by a wealth of experience and expertise has been the cornerstone of our success and our divorce solicitors make protecting your rights and interests their absolute priority.

We also know that divorce can be a very upsetting process and so at Carlsons Solicitors, our skilled divorce lawyers in London will help you to end your marriage with compassion and efficiency.

You can be sure that we’ll take the time to listen to you and understand your circumstances before advising you of your legal rights and options on every issue relating to the divorce, including financial matters and mediation. 


If you’re going through a divorce, the financial settlement is often the trickiest part.

Our divorce solicitors are able to draw on their wealth of experience to offer you fast, tailored advice so you can reach a quick resolution to the financial settlement in your divorce proceedings.

We have particular experience of medium to high financial settlement cases, which means we understand what’s needed to make this process as smooth and stress free for you as possible.

When it comes to financial matters in divorce (formerly called ancillary matters), our divorce lawyers will work with you to consider:

  • How any settlement should provide for any children in the marriage – practically and financially;

  • How the length of your marriage should inform the final settlement;

  • Budgets for you, your spouse and any children;

The expertise and support our divorce solicitors can offer is designed to guide you through your proceedings from start to finish, helping you to deal with all the things you need to consider and offering you practical steps forward.

For more information or to speak to one of our divorce lawyers in London, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our offices are based in Whetstone, North London and Chancery Lane, Central London (by appointment only).